Stefan ‘fish’ Vis

No Road Left Behind

Documentary film
In production (set to be released in 2016)

No Road Left Behind

is an atmospheric exploration of what it means to create a second chance and to follow your dreams in spite of what others tell you to do.


No Road Left Behind is the story of former Dutch track hopeful and legendary bike messenger Stefan ‘Fish’ Vis. Having fallen off the racing scene and into the bar, Stefan caught wind of an unsanctioned street race and turned back into the hungry bike racer he once was. No Road Left Behind is a documentary about a comeback kid who searches for a new existence.


The film explores the topic of dreaming and the boundaries that society seems to place upon us. Stefan has a childish and playful way of looking at the world although he is 36 years old. What makes Stefan look at the world this way? Why does it seem that Stefan doesn’t feel the pressure of society and its ‘rules and regulations’ that are so common for the most of us?

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