La Palazzina Reale, Florence

New Generations Festival

Exhibition / Architecture festival
Experimental collaborations workshop
Florence, IT

New Generations (NG) was conceived in 2012, with the aim of creating a European platform for young students and architectural firms, a network based on collaboration and cultural exchange.

The idea of the project comes from the desire to understand how the profession has been changing during the last few years, since the economic crisis in 2008: many young studios had to adapt to the different working scene, proposing new working patterns which involved the collaboration with other fields.

New Generations invited us to participate in the New Generation Festival/Futurology, an exhibition on the subject of the challenges and boundaries of architecture, taking place inside the Santa Maria Novella railway station in Florence between November 27 and November 30 2014.

The festival consisted of three groups of activities – a series of “traditional” theoretical activities (debates, conferences and round tables), some experimental form of presentations (Pecha Kucha, shared lectures, menage a trois) and practical activities (including us).

The Experimental Collaboration workshop was part of the practical activities and had the main objective to foster an exchange of knowledge among different disciplines and participants, working at 360° on the boundaries between architecture, art and theatre.

We helped to set-up the format of the workshop, actively guided students and young professionals in the workshop and produced the evaluation film that was shown during the final exhibition.

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